Dinner Menu


 Appetizers Price
Boiled Crawfish Market Price
Boiled Shrimp Market Price
Boiled Crabs Market Price
Shrimp Remoulade 14
Lump Crabmeat Remoulade 14
Oysters on the Half Shell – 1/2 Dozen or Dozen Market Price
Onion Rings 7
Artichoke Heart 8
Fried Calamari 9
Crab Claws 13
Barbeque Shrimp 12
Soups Cup Bowl
Seafood and Okra Gumbo 6 10
Soup of the Day 5 9
Salads Description Price
House Salad Baby mixed greens, cucumber, tomato, and cheddar cheese, topped with your choice of dressing. 5
Bucktown “Blues” Salad A bed of romaine leaves garnished with spiced pecans and crumbled Danish Blue Cheese, topped with our special sweet fig & Balsamic Vinaigrette. 9
Creole Spinach Salad Golden fried oysters, crumbled bacon, hard boiled egg and sweet red onion on fresh spinach leaves, topped with our own Creole honey mustard dressing. 12
Bayou Seafood Salad Fresh lump crabmeat and boiled shrimp top baby iceberg wedge, tomato, cucumber and cheese to create the best seafood salad in town. With your choice of dressings. 18
*Add Chicken Breast 4
*Add Shrimp 7
House Dressings Remoulade, Sicilian Tomato, Blue Cheese, Artichoke, Buttermilk, Sweet Fig & Balsamic Vinaigrette and Creole Honey Mustard.
Entrees Description Price
Crawfish Etouffee Etouffee – “to smother.” Crawfish tails smothered in a butter blend of onions, peppers, celery and garlic to make a delicious sauce served over rice. Served with salad and French bread. 17
Crabmeat Au Gratin We use jumbo lump crabmeat and bake it with our creamy blend of four cheeses and fresh seasonings. Served with salad and French bread. 25
Stuffed Flounder Crabmeat dressing sandwiched between two fresh flounder filets and broiled to perfection. Served with salad and potato. 20
Bucktown Fresh Catch A variety of fresh fish to choose from each day that can be prepared in one of the following ways: grilled, broiled, blackened, or fried. Served with salad and vegetable or  potato. Market Price
Filet 8-ounce filet, naturally lean and tender, chargrilled to your specification. Served with house salad and vegetable or potato. 25
Barbeque Shrimp Pasta For those who do not want to get messy, we peel the shrimp for you and toss it with linguine in our barbecue shrimp sauce. 16
Bucktown Boil Pizza All Bucktown’s favorites-shrimp, crawfish & crabmeat, blended together and topped with mozzarella on this white pizza that combines the flavors of a backyard boil into one dish. 10″ pizza – 15
Barbeque Shrimp The New Orleans way, jumbo head-on shrimp sauteed in our unique blend of seasonings. This is for the hands-on eater, so don’t be afraid to get messy. Just peel, dip and enjoy. Served with a salad. For One – 25
For Two – 47
Fried Seafood Description Price
Shrimp Dinner 17
Oyster Dinner 18
Catfish Dinner 15
Softshell Crab Dinner Choose 2 or 3 softshell crabs. 10/17
Combo Dinner Shrimp, Oysters, Catfish (2 or all 3) 17
Giant Seafood Platter A bounty of fresh shrimp, catfish, oysters, softshell crabs (2) and crawfish dressing balls. 56
Half Seafood Platter Same great seafood as on our Giant Platter, just half as much. 29
Stuffed Crab Louisiana Blue Crabmeat blended with fresh seasonings and bread crumbs then stuffed into natural crab shells and baked to a golden brown. 15
Stuffed Shrimp Jumbo Gulf Shrimp are butterflied and stuffed with our crabmeat dressing, then fried or broiled as you like. 22
Crawfish Quartet Crawfish prepared four delicious ways – crawfish etouffee, crawfish au gratin, fried crawfish tails and crawfish dressing balls. 21
Crab Quartet Four of your favorite crab dishes on one plate – crabmeat au gratin, stuffed crab, fried soft-shell crab and fried crab claws. 25
* Dinners include French fries and coleslaw.
*Substitutions are $1.00 extra.
Po-Boys Price
Shrimp 10
Oyster 14
Catfish 9
Crawfish 10
Softshell Crab 17
* Add French fries to any Po-Boy 2
* Add Sweet Potato Fries 4
* Add Gumbo or Soup served with any sandwich 4
Sandwiches Description Price
Hamburger 8 ounce of fresh ground chuck. Served with French fries. 9
Chicken Breast Grilled 8-ounce marinated chicken breast. Served with French fries. 9
Desserts Description Price
Coconut Custard Bread Pudding Coconut milk and moist flaked coconut lightly flavor this rich custard base bread pudding, drenched in a hazlenut and coco cream anglaise and sprinkled with toasted almonds. 7
Cheese Cake Creamy homemade cheese cake on a graham cracker and pecan crust, covered with a fluffy sour cream topping and strawberry puree. 7
The Gold Brick Sundae Three scoops of Haagen-Dazs ice cream covered in Elmer’s gold brick chocolate and placed on top of our rich, made from scratch brownie, garnished with whipped cream and cherries. This one is made to share. 10
Nectar Soda Float “A New Orleans Original.” Nectar soda with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, definitely a one of a kind flavor. 4
Traditional Ice Cream Sundae 4


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